June 2020


Some people think this is the same thing …. and it kind of is in beginning training. But they quickly separate right after. Sparring is training with defined rules and usually safety measures in place. There is “full contact” sparring, but even that has safety rules in place. The Japanese martial arts call it “Kumite”. […]

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Move with power and balance while building your body’s fighting vocabulary. Many people do not understand the function of forms, and some believe they are a waste of time. I remember clearly hearing on the radio that Dr. Laura Schlessinger did not see the value of forms. If memory serves she had earned her Black

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Kempo Techniques

Effective moves to quickly subdue an attacker. I have personally found that Kempos give the practitioner a much finer sense of control, action, reaction, and response. They teach an individual how to respond to nearly limitless positions, thus keeping them in the winning position at all times. This broadens their capacity for clearly understanding the

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