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Bow in to the World Of Martial Arts

“Kempo fits itself to you, not the other way around.”
Shaolin Kempo Grandmaster Fred Villari


Training to transform an incoming strike to an opponent's vulnerability.


Effective moves to quickly subdue an attacker.


Use the ground to control an attacker.


Move with power and balance while building your body's fighting vocabulary.


Powerful motions that blend together footwork, blocks, strikes, grabs, and throws to disable an attacker.


Grow together with fellow students and develop your skills.

Martial arts is complimented by the healing arts. Just as you would take action to stop an intruder from harming your family. You can also take action to heal and prevent disease with Qigong. Visit the Qigong Learning Institute. 

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Weapon Defense

This happens to be one of my favorite topics. So I will just jump in, head first! THE GUN: Easiest weapon to defend against (within …

Thank you Great GrandMaster Fred Villari.
It is an honor to study and teach your system.

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