Applied Medical

Special Offer

Villari’s Martial Arts is offering a special membership for all Applied Medical Associates and their families.
First we would like to offer a free private lesson and 1 group lesson. This will give the Applied Medical families an opportunity to see how we teach and get a feel for our programs. It is also an excellent time to work with other individuals who share common interests. 

After the free intro classes you can choose from a number of different programs. There will be a discount applied to all Applied Medical Associates and their family members. 

15% Discount on our standard programs (Group based classes)

20% Discount on our Advanced programs (Private instruction with Group classes included)

10% Discount on our T’ai Chi Programs

15% off our Qigong classes and 20% off our Chinese Medical Qigong Treatments

As a bonus incentive we are extending our 3 + 1 special to new clients.

Enroll for 3 months of lessons and receive the 4th month free, uniform and belt free, and T-shirt

To schedule the free introductory Private and Group class, call (949) 855-0210 and just lets us know that you are part of the Applied Medical family.

What would you like to focus on?

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A FREE lesson is in front of you!