Combinations teach gauging and positioning in one-on-one situations. There are a variety of principles designed for you to express in each combination you learn. Sometimes they are taught, other times they are hidden, waiting to be discovered. 

Each is a building block designed to condition the student about the ifs, hows, whens, wheres, and whys of different possible circumstances. I have found that the principles in each combination can radically affect many other techniques or previously taught information. Be on the lookout for those potential effects. 

Here are several examples:

#34 Combination – A mixture of the Praying Mantis and the Dragon, both working seamlessly to surprise your opponent and keep them blind to your attacks. 

#6 Combination – How to stop an incoming attacker that catches you by surprise. Generally about the same size or smaller. Also, as long as your timing is good, your leg can get the kick in before the punch can arrive. (Leg is longer than the arm)

#45 Combination – Learning how to shock and damage both the physical and Chakras on your opponent.

#7 Combination – Similar to number 6, except your attacker is either much taller, weighs more, or is in motion faster, thus standing in front to do a front kick is not the best option, so you take a side step and counter. This takes you out of the path of your opponent.

#35 Combination – Learning the principles of “Toe Toe”, “Toe Heel”, “Heel Toe”, and “Heel Heel”.

#3 Combination – You learn the skill of slipping a punch, thus not wasting movement blocking. This is one of the many principles of the Snake. Since the Snake cannot block, it moves in and avoids. As you advance into the ranks of Black Belt, you will learn that snakes can not retreat.

#17 Combination – You become introduced to the “Big Circle, Little Circle” principle and use it, in this case, to down your opponent.

#33 Combination – You learn the principles of rising and sinking to amplify your strikes.

#2 Combination – You learn movements and principles of the Leopard and how its applied within this combination.

#30 Combination – Learning how to use your legs to stop, to fell, and control your attacker when you are in a disadvantaged position. 

#69 Combination – Learning advanced small circular Tiger principles for in-close striking and manipulation. 

#53 Combination – You learn expanding, contracting, and twisting principles of the Crane.

#108 Combination – Principles of the agility and dexterity of the Praying Mantis used to overwhelm your opponent. 

There are some others to those listed above, but those listed are simple and easy to understand.

Thanks for sharing!

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