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I have had the privilege to lead self defense courses with individuals and groups of some great corporations, companies, and government employees – McDonnell Douglas, Rockwell, Boeing, hospitals in Mission Viejo and San Pedro, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Brooks America, Police, Firefighters, Diamon-Fusion International, The Great Ropes, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Coca Cola, and the list goes on.

Enriching and training these fine individuals and heroes is s a great honor and pleasure.

Let me create a fantastic fitness and wellness event or program for your corporation or corporate function. I have previously co-hosted and hosted corporate races, talks, health fairs, “sports day” circuit challenges with outstanding success. 

Health and Fitness Talks, Seminars, and Workshops
Team Challenge Events
Workplace Fitness Education

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Let’s work together to find a solution to fit your team’s needs.

Benefits of Employee Wellness

Countless studies have demonstrated that workplace health and fitness programs creates less absenteeism, increased motivation, a reduction to stress and hypertension, and so many other benefits …. the top ? A good wellness program that focuses on the mind, emotions, and body acts as a preventative medicine thus reducing health care costs and sick days.

I can create a custom package that meets your exact needs. I tell my individual clients that their best investment is in themselves. 

I can certainly tell you that an investment in your employees well-being (physical and mental health) is one of the strongest investments you can make in your company.

Individual Personal Training Sessions
Group Training (small or large)
Circuit Training
Pilates and Yoga Sessions
Strength Training (even your facility does not have equipment)
Physiotherapy Sessions
Self Defense Instruction
Core Training Sessions
Stretching Sessions
Meditation Sessions
T’ai Chi Sessions
Qigong Sessions


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