Let’s Meet Online

March 14, 2020

Putting in my 2 Sense:
1) You now have more time to practice!
2) I have been teaching online classes for over 8 years now. If you still want to study, ask your instructor if they offer online instruction.
Some people say that learning online is not doable, practical, realistic. Well now that we are here, those that want to study know that online instruction keeps your noodle working as well as your body.
It is now a VERY practical reality and I know that nobody is there to “physically” make adjustments, but that does not mean it can not be shown to you and you make the needed adjustments….. at least until your next “In Person” meeting.
I encourage martial artists to practice (leave your neighbors alone)
I encourage qigong practitioners to practice to keep your immune systems strong.
3) Enjoy this time you “get” to spend with your family. Play some board games, cards, etc.
This has been my 2 sense, I now return you back to your “common cents”.

Thanks for sharing!

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