Why Study Martial Arts?

It is said that animals can smell fear. How do you prepare to face people who are threatening, or confronting you? Take proactive steps to prepare for dangerous situations and improve your odds of survival.

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Perhaps you are here to learn Martial Arts like so many others.
Why study martial arts?
You learn self defense and the confidence that goes hand-in-hand with it.
It makes you active, thus healthier and more fit.
Martial arts will increase your focus, coordination, and concentration.
With some work, you can improve your self-confidence, self-respect, and discipline.
It is a positive influence through personal growth.
You get to improve your socialization skills.
You learn patience and calm, even in a time of panic.
You learn to breathe.
You learn to set goals, achieve them, and appreciate your accomplishments.
You learn Effort, Etiquette, Character, Sincerity, and Self Control.
You can learn life skills and positive values.
It is the bridge for your Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit.



Success is Mind over Matter A New Year is traditionally a time to reflect on your past and make desired adjustments for a better future. As martial artists, we strive to be mentally and physically smart. It’s wise to focus on personal improvement because the mind is our greatest asset…. When used correctly. Our greatest

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9 EXCELLENT Reasons to Study Martial Arts

Martial arts training is a physically and mentally demanding discipline that can benefit people of all ages and skill levels. Here are the top 9 benefits of martial arts training: 1. Improved physical fitness: Martial arts training is an excellent way to improve physical fitness, increase strength and flexibility, and develop cardiovascular endurance. Training in martial

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Weapon Defense

This is one of my favorite topics. So I will jump in, head first! THE GUN: This is the simplest weapon to defend against (within reason). With the gun, you need to be out of the line of sight of the barrel. Granted, you need various tools like – misdirection, retention, disarming, countering, striking, kicking,

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Photo Gallery

Let the green dragon ascend. Enjoy some memories with this collection of photos from classes and seminars. Replay in your mind the lessons you learned in the past. Carry the feelings thoughts and actions that helped you into the present moment.

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Combinations teach gauging and positioning in one-on-one situations. There are a variety of principles designed for you to express in each combination you learn. Sometimes they are taught, other times they are hidden, waiting to be discovered.  Each is a building block designed to condition the student about the ifs, hows, whens, wheres, and whys

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