Seminars, Workshops, Retreats ... World Wide!

I host events throughout the year to bring like minded individuals together and share valuable knowledge which can enrich everyone’s personal journey towards success.

Past seminars included:
2-4 hour events with some hands on experience – Bo staff Techniques, Kids Self Defense

Past workshops included:
3+ hours and up to a 3 day weekend of a lot of hands on learning and critiquing – Whip Chain Form, Qigong, Women’s Self Defense

Past retreats:
A 3 day to over week long immersive experience. This takes you to unique locations that allow uninterrupted focus and enhanced learning – Past retreats: China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, various islands in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and of course in the United States of America.

Planned upcoming retreats: Costa Rica, Western United States, Caribbean, Italy, and Aruba.

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