Success is Mind over Matter

A New Year is traditionally a time to reflect on your past and make desired adjustments for a better future. As martial artists, we strive to be mentally and physically smart.
It’s wise to focus on personal improvement because the mind is our greatest asset…. When used correctly.
Our greatest opponent is ourselves.
When we rally our thoughts and our mind and cross the threshold, it makes our wants and goals actionable goals, then we are in a positive pattern of success to initiate excellent change and growth.
As you continue to walk the path of change that you have chosen, don’t forget that there is a complete system supporting you to
initiate these changes. You must not forget this system.
What is the system?
Your Mind (lower your stress, meditate, proper sleep, time with family, time in nature, exercise, your thinking process)
Your Emotions (meditate, exercise, listen to your breathing, don’t suppress the things the bother you)
Your Body (exercise, rest, sleep, eat healthy, massage)
Your Spirit (exercise, your faith, your mind, emotions, and your body all contribute to your spiritual position)
Knowing that you are your own puppet master places you in total control of what truly matters. So take control and be the change
you want. Captain your ship and you will sail true.
See you in class this year!

Thanks for sharing!

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