Weapons Use

Most people do not understand the function of weapons. Most see it as a way to defend themselves, others see it as something neat they can twirl around and look cool with, and others look at it more seriously.
In actuality, weapons teach “unconsidered movements with your body.” It also teaches you new forms of coordination, and it is also a way to make a bridge into training your body to flow better. One of the most important factors about weapons is, by knowing how a weapon can be used and yielded, you are more likely to understand how to defend yourself against an attack of that kind of weapon.
Never underestimate the value of learning how to use weapons and the forms that go with them.
There are four categories of weapons that you should learn if you would like to pick up anything and use it effectively. One from each cornerstone is all you need, but of course, more is … well more fun!
By proficiently learning these four cornerstone categories, picking up any object and using it is only a matter of imagination. You will already possess the body mechanics because weapon forms will make you move in ways you would have not otherwise considered moving.


The 4 Cornerstones are

– (aka. Soft Weapons) Rope Dart and 3 or 9 section Whip Chain

Sharp – (aka Edged) Swords

Throwing/Hidden – (aka Projectile) Brass Chopstick, Stars, Knives

Straight – (aka Hard Weapons and often blunt) Staff or Spear

They do not have to be those exact weapons, just one from each. One soft, one edged, one projectile, and one hard weapon.

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